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VOLUME 116 : Issued May 1996

NOTE: The first section of this volume contains papers from the symposium ‘Living in a Fire Prone Environment’ which was held by the Linnean Society of NSW and ANZASS (NSW), with financial assistance from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. The symposium was held in March 1995 at the University of New South Wales. Papers in this section were sub-edited by Helene Martin.

The second section of this volume contains research reports submitted for publication in accordance with the publication procedures of the society, which can be downloaded here.

The Proceedings of the Linnean Society of NSW are no longer published in parts and each issue represents a separate volume.


Section 1 – Living in a fire prone environment

ADAM, P. Introduction to the symposium: living in a fire prone environment

MARTIN, H.A. Wildfires in past ages

KOHEN, J.L. Aboriginal use of fire in southeastern Australia

GILL, A.M. AND MOORE, P.H.R. Regional and historical fire weather patterns pertinent to the January 1994 Sydney bushfires

KEITH, D. Fire-driven extinction of plant populations: a synthesis of theory and review of evidence from Australian vegetation

CONROY, R.J. To burn or not to burn? A description of the history, nature and management of bushfires within Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

WHELAN, R.J., WARD, S. HOGBIN, P. AND WASLEY J. Responses of heathland Antechinus stuartii to the Royal National Park wildfire in 1994

GARVEY, M. Disseminating knowledge of wildfire using a geographic information system: three case studies

MOORE, P.F. AND SHIELDS, B. The basis of fuel management on state forest in NSW

McDERMOTT, B. The human emotional response to bushfire disasters

RAMSAY, G.C., McCARTHUR, N.A. AND DOWLING, V.P. Building in a fire-prone environment: research on building survival in two major bushfires

Section 2 – General papers

WILLIS, P.M.A. AND MACKNESS, B.S. Quinkana babarra, a new species of ziphodont mekosuchine Crocodile from the early Pliocene Bluff Downs local fauna, northern Australia with a revision of the genus

SYEDA, S.T. New species of Calandrinia (Portulacaceae) from Queensland, Australia

FINDLAY, C.S. Placoderm (Pisces: Placodermi) remains from lower Devonian Rocks at Taemas, New South Wales

WANG, Q. The Australian logicorn beetle genus Coleocoptus Aurivillius (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

COTTER, K.L. Benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Clyde River Estuary, Batemans Bay, N.S.W.

FITZSIMMONS, S.D. AND WARBURTON, K. The effects of spatial constraints on fish shoal cohesion

MURRAY-WALLACE, C.V., LEARY, S.P. AND KIMBER, R.W.L. Amino acid racemisation dating of a last interglacial estuarine deposit at Largs, New South Wales

McALPINE, D.K. Relationships and classification of the Pseudopomyzidae (Diptera: Nerioidea)

SMITHERS, C.N. New species and new records of Pseudocaeciliidae, Philotarsidae and Elipsocidae (Insecta: Psocoptera) from the Mount Royal area, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

MILLER, W.R. AND HEATWOLE, H. Tardigrades of the Australian Antarctic Territories: the northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica