The Linnean Society of NSW

The Linnean Society of NSW

Appeal for Bequests and Donations

The Council of the Linnean Society of NSW is keen to increase this form of direct financial support to the scientific community – to professionals, students and amateur researchers alike.

The only way it can do this is by increasing the capital of the BETTY MAYNE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FUND for EARTH SCIENCES and the JOYCE W. VICKERY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FUND and thus augmenting the interest used for direct support of scientific research.

The Linnean Society seeks donations from individuals, institutions or organisations sympathetic to the purposes for which the fund is currently being used. All such donations, which are tax-deductible, will be gratefully received by the Linnean Society of New South Wales and used to support original scientific research in Australasia. Give yourself a tax break and help a struggling research student, as most of the funds go to students.

We would also like you to consider leaving a bequest to one (or both) of these Research Funds in your will. If you require additional information on leaving a Bequest, please contact the Secretary. 

A PDF of the Donation Form can be downloaded HERE.

Details of each Research Fund and a list of recipients and projects can be found by clicking on the Quick links to the right.

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Because we are receiving very little income from our investments due to the low interest rates we urgently need Bequests and Donations for our Research Funds (these are Tax Deductible) –