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VOLUME 130 : Issued March 2009


Harris, J.M. and Goldingay, R.L.
Museum holdings of the broad-headed snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides (Squamata: Elapidae).

Mackness, B.S.
Reconstructing Palorchestes (Marsupialia: Palorchestidae) – from Giant kangaroo to marsupial ‘tapir’.

Choo, B.
A basal actinopterygian fish from the Middle Devonian Bunga Beds of New South Wales, Australia.

Myerscough, P.J.
Fire and habitat interactions in regeneration, persistence and maturation of obligate-seeding and resprouting plant species in coastal heath.

Rickards, R.B., Wright, A.J. and Thomas, G.
Late Llandovery (Early Silurian) dendroid graptolites from the Cotton Formation near Forbes, New South Wales.

Chalson, J.M. and Martin, H.A.
A Holocene history of the vegetation of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Chalson, J.M. and Martin, H.A.
Modern pollen deposition under vegetation of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Strusz, D.L.
Silurian rhynchonellide brachiopods from Yass, New South Wales.

Wood, A.E.
Cortinarius Fr. subgenus Cortinarius in Australia.

Percival, I.G.
Late Ordovician Strophomenide and Pentameride Brachiopods from central New South Wales.

Percival, I.G.
Rare fossils (Conulata; Rostroconchia; Nautiloidea) from the Late Ordovician of central New South Wales.

Pickett, J., Och, D. and Leitch, E.
Devonian marine invertebrate fossils from the Port Macquarie block, New South Wales

Stewardson, C.L., Prvan, T., Meÿer, M.A. and Ritchie, R.J.
Age determination and growth in the male South African fur seal Arctocephalus
pusillus pusillus (Pinnipedia: Otariidae) using external body measurements.

Adam, P. and May, E.
Linnaeus: king of natural history.

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