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VOLUME 128 : Issued February 2007


Adam, P.
Book review. Linnaeus’ Philosophia Botanica. Translated by Stephen Freer. Oxford University Press.

Augee, M. L.
Book review. Lampreys: life without jaws.

Dargan, G.
First record of Thecostegites (Cnidaria: Tabulata) from central New South Wales.

Holmes, W. B. K. & Anderson, H. M.
The Middle Triassic megafossil flora of the Basin Creek Formation, Nymboida Coal Measures, New South Wales, Australia. Part 6. Ginkgophyta.

Huveneers, C., Otway, N. M. & Harcourt, R. G.
Morphometric relationships and catch composition of wobbegong sharks (Chondrichthyes: Orectolobus) commercially fished in New South Wales, Australia.

Keith, D. A., Simpson, C., Tozer, M. G. & Rodoreda, S.
Contemporary and historical descriptions of the vegetation of Brundee and Saltwater Swamps on the lower Shoalhaven River floodplain, southeastern Australia.

Kellermann, J. & Udovicic, F.
A revision of the Cryptandra propinqua complex (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae).

Och, D. J., Percival, I. G. & Leitch, E. C.
Ordovician conodonts from the Watonga Formation, Port Macquarie, northeast New South Wales.

Percival, I. G. & Engelbretsen, M. J.
Early Ordovician lingulate brachiopods from New South Wales.

Robbie, A. & Martin, H. A.
The history of the vegetation from the last glacial maximum at Mountain Lagoon, Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Rose, S. & Martin, H. A.
The vegetation history of the Holocene at Dry Lake, Thirlmere, New South Wales.

Semple, W. S. & Koen, T. B.
Observations of insect damage to leaves of woodland eucalypts on the central western slopes of New South Wales: 1990 to 2004.

Todarello, P. & Chalmers, A.
The characteristics of five species of hollow-bearing trees on the New South Wales central coast.

Williams, M. C. & Wardle, G. M.
The spacial pattern of invading Pinus radiata.

Zhen, Y. Y.
Revision of Microplasma parallelum Etheridge, 1899 (Cnidaria: Rugosa) from the Middle Devonian Moore Creek Limestone of New South Wales.

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