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VOLUME 117 : Issued March 1997

This volume contains a selection of papers dealing with vertebrates or vertebrate fossil sites, arising from a Symposium held by the Linnean Society of New South Wales at Wellington caves, New South Wales, in December 1995. The opening session of that symposium was held in Cathedral Cave.



ARCHER, M., BLACK, K. AND NETTLE, K. Giant Ringtail Possums (Marsupialia, Pseudocheiridae) and Giant Koalas (Phascolarctidae) from the late Cainozoic of Australia

BISHOP, N. Functional anatomy of the macropodid pes

DAWSON, L., AND AUGEE, M.L. The Late Quaternary sediments and fossil vertebrate fauna from Cathedral Cave, Wellington Caves, New South Wales

McDOWELL, M.C. Taphonomy and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of a late Holocene deposit from Black’s Point Sinkhole, Venus Bay, S.A.

McNAMARA, J.A. Some smaller macropod fossils of South Australia

MOLNAR, R.E., AND KURZ, C. The distribution of Pleistocene vertebrates on the eastern Darling Downs, based on the Queensland Museum collections

MORRIS, D.A., AUGEE, M.L., GILLESON, D., AND HEAD, J. Analysis of Late Quaternary deposit and small mammal fauna from Nettle Cave, Jenolan, New South Wales

MUIRHEAD, J., DAWSON, L. AND ARCHER, M. Perameles bowensis, a new species of Perameles (Peramelemorphia, Marsupialia) from Pliocene faunas of Bow and Wellington Caves, New South Wales

OSBORNE, R.A.L. Rehabilitation of the Wellington Caves Phosphate Mine: implications for Cainozoic stratigraphy

PRIDEAUX, G.J, AND WELLS, R.T. New Sthenurus species (Macropodidae, Diprotodontia) from Wellington Caves and Bingara, New South Wales

RIDE, W.D.L. AND DAVIS, A.C. Origins and setting: mammal Quaternary palaeontology in the Eastern Highlands of New South Wales

WILLIS, P.M.A. AND MOLNAR, R.E. A Review of the Plio-Pleistocene crocodilian genus Pallimnarchus

RIDE, W.D.L., PRIDMORE, P.A., BARWICK, R.E., WELLS, R.T. AND HEADY, R.D. Towards a biology of Propleopus oscillans (Marsupialia: Propleopinae, Hypsiprymnodontidae).