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Geodiversity, Geological Heritage and Geotourism

In association with Industry and Investment NSW and the Department of Climate Change, Environment and Water NSW.

Sea Acres Nature Reserve, Port Macquarie NSW
September 6-10, 2010.

A PDF of the programme and abstracts can be downloaded HERE.

Geodiversity encompasses the natural variety of geological features including rocks, minerals and fossils, and the landforms and soils derived from these by weathering and erosion. Geodiversity is important in understanding the way in which many of the Earth’s systems and processes are interrelated.

Geoheritage describes features of geodiversity that hold special meaning to people, be they individuals, communities or scientific and cultural groups. Such features can be unique or representative, and are usually sufficiently significant to be nominated and conserved on State and Federal heritage registers. Examples include volcanic landscapes of Mt Warning, Kaputar and Warrumbungles National Parks, and the ancient cave system at the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.  

Geotourism is a form of special interest ecotourism, based on geology and geomorphology, that developed in Europe from the 1990s onwards. Geotourism will assume growing importance to regional areas as recognition of geodiversity increases to the level of community interest in floral and faunal diversity (which depend to varying extents on the geological environment).

The NSW Government DPI website containing PDFs of all the papers presented has been retrieved from the 'wayback machine' and is now included HERE

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