The Linnean Society of NSW


Natural History of the Belubula Valley,

including the Cliefden Caves and Fossil Hill

jenolan guest

A symposium to explain, interpret and review recent scientific research on geology, palaeontology, botany, zoology, and speleology of the caves and karst.

WHEN: Monday 7th to Thursday 10th September 2015
WHERE: Bathurst RSL Auditorium, 114 Rankin Street, Bathurst.
WHY: Because the caves, fossils and geoheritage in the Belubula Valley are under threat from flooding by a proposed dam.
WHAT: Talks from experts; posters, maps and displays; excursions to the famous Fossil Hill, & thermal spring.
WHO: Anyone with an interest in understanding Geology, Geoheritage, Karst and Caves, Biology, the Rivers, Fauna and Flora will find this a pleasant and enlightening experience.

Some of the papers will be published in a future issue of the Proceedings of the Society. If you wish to submit your paper for consideration for publication, please forward it to our editor, Dr M. L Augee; see this link for instructions

Click HERE to download the Symposium Abstracts

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