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The William Macleay Microbiological Research Fund

Grants are available from the William Macleay Microbiology Research Fund to support original research in an Australian context within the field of Microbiology.

A PDF of the information on this page plus details of previous awards can be downloaded HERE.

Awards from the Fund are governed by the following rules:

1. Applications will be accepted from postgraduate and Honours degree students at recognised Australian universities who are undertaking full-time or part-time studies with a microbiological emphasis.

2. Applications are also encouraged from amateur or professional microbiologists, whether in employment as such or not, who can demonstrate a level of achievement in original research in microbiology.

3. In awarding grants, the Council of the Society will assess:

   a) the quality of the project 
   b) the applicant’s ability to carry it out 
   c) a realistic costing and timetable 
   d) the likelihood that successful completion of the research will lead 
       to publication.

4. A grant of up to $2,000 is available to members of the Linnean Society of NSW and $1,200 is available to non-members of the Society.  The Society envisages that grants would normally be used for items such as travel within Australia, equipment, photographic and other expenses, but not for subsistence, travel to conferences, or thesis preparation.

5. Applications are not restricted to members, but other things being equal, members of the Society will be given preference.

6. The deadline for applications will be 1st March each year, although in exceptional circumstances, applications for genuine emergency support may be considered at any time. However, considerations for such applications are entirely at Council discretion and will only be awarded if funds are available.

7. Grantees will be required to make a report at the end of the project and to justify their expenditure.

8. Any publication arising from work supported by the William Macleay Microbiology Research Fund should include an acknowledgement to that effect.

9. Any type material generated by studies supported by these grants should be lodged in the collections of an appropriate scientific institution.

10. Applicants should email their signed applications to

Click here to download the Macleay Application Form

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